Buy in trust your immo in Portugal

immo in Portugal
Buying a house and villa in Portugal,

Immo in Portugal Invest in Lisbon

we have a 10 year experience in guiding clients to find the right house or villa, our help helps you to save money and trouble.

Invest In Lisbon was created by the needs of my clients.

After 10 years of working in beautiful Portugal I decided to follow the dreams of my clients.

Buying a plot in Portugal

Buying a plot in Portugal

We have a 10 year experience in guiding clients to find the right plot,
our help helps you to save money and trouble, we make sure you can build what you want on the land you purchase.

Building in Portugal is a serious matter that needs a professional approach! Build your house or villa with us.

Immo in Portugal nice Plots for you

Building your house or villa in Portugal

We work with the best builders and offer you several quotes

Buy immo in Portugal
Trust in our knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market

Buy immo in Portugal for holidaysBuy immo in Portugal for holidays

Investing in real estate in and around Lisbon is a good idea because this region offers the best climate in Portugal.
We believe this weather is not to hot but nicely warm with mild winters where the temperature during the day rarely goes under 15 degrees and most of the time around 20.
In Lisbon and around you find the most beaches and cities of whole Portugal within a half hour drive from the airport.

Buy immo in Portugal for investmentBuy immo in Portugal for investment

This is the region where everything happens, Lisbon is a hip city where you can eat and drink everything,
in Lisbon you can shop till you drop, this is the reason why the city is very popular for city trippers.
More and more people choose this region to retire or work because everything is near, the life is still cheap and the quality of living very high. Portugal is a safe country with pure air so good to invest in.

Buy immo for leasure and investment

If you buy with the hart the rest will follow, enjoying the time you spend in your new home or second residence will also trigger other people to come and enjoy the sun in Portugal,
if there comes more demand the prices will rise.

Clients’ dreams these days are very simple:
enjoy their new home or second residence in a smooth and quick manner and get lots of sunshine.

In my portfolio you will see all kind of properties, they were selected to guarantee a smooth transaction without frustrating delays for all parties involved.
And of course, once you discovered this beautiful country and region you will want to enjoy it as quickly as possible.
We understand that!

Portugal is a country located in Western Europe, far away from all the issues the east and central Europe are coping with recently. Here you can enjoy life after many years of hard work. In Portugal there is more space to move, you are living closer to nature. But in all the properties you find on Invest in Lisbon website Lisbon is closer than 40 kilometers, that makes your life in Portugal easier because after your flight you only have to drive half an hour to reach your new home or second home. While enjoying your house in Portugal it is nice to have the city closeby for shopping, theater, cinema, fado in Alfama, nightlife in Bairro Alto, football in Benfica, hang out on Restauradores, window shopping on the Avenida da Liberdade, …

We will give you professional advice and guidance in the search for your investment in a house, villa, apartment or building plot.
We believe this is the time to do it.

Prices are still very low in Portugal, life is safe here, the air is pure, cost of living very low and quality very high, and the climate is ideal.

You can also buy and rent it – under the new Portuguese law of “alojamento local” you will be taxed for just 4% of your future earnings!
What else do you want?

We can help you with lawyers and accountants who take care of all legal and fiscal matters.
These last years Portugal became an interesting country for fiscal purposes.

We have recommended partners for Property Management and Rentals and are happy to assist you for contracts of utilities.

See you soon!
David Quasten

Invest in Lisbon
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