TAP wants airport in Montijo in the summer of 2018

TAP wants airport in Montijo in the summer of 2018

TAP expects that in the summer of 2018 there will already be some temporary structure in Montijo, where the creation of an airport to support Portela is being studied. Airline shareholder David Neeleman says he is putting “a lot of pressure” on the issue to be resolved “and for the Government to come to an understanding with the Air Force.”

Speaking to journalists, on the fringes of the congress of the Association of Hoteliers of Portugal, David Neeleman urged the executive to resolve the matter at once. “They have to sit at the table and settle this soon, set up something temporary so we can open, not this summer, but next summer. It has to be something open there, “he said.
Neeleman again criticized the costs at Lisbon airport. “ANA has already increased our cost 20 times since the airport was privatized. And it is unbelievable to see that the more the airport grows, the more cost per passenger increases. About 80% of people who visit Portugal come by plane, so we need an open, cheap airport to bring in more people, “he said.

The manager also said that many of the aircraft stationed in Lisbon should be moved to Montijo not to occupy the seats of the planes “that bring people to Portugal every day”.Recently Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes declined to comment on the possibility of using the Montijo air base as a support airport. In Parliament, questioned by the CDS, only said that there is an interim study, but no decision was taken.

in “Público” newspaper 17th November 2016

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